JUVÉDERM® at Sambursky Esthetics Eye and Esthetics

Sambursky Eye and Esthetics is a proud provider of JUVÉDERM® products, all designed to help lift, smooth, and plump your skin for rejuvenating results. Our trusted team of esthetic experts, led by Dr. Daniel Sambursky and Dr. Geremie Palombaro, offer our patients JUVÉDERM® brand dermal fillers, which will give your skin the precise boost of volume you’re looking for.
What is Juvederm?

What is JUVÉDERM®?

JUVÉDERM® is a collection of injectable dermal filler products, which help correct volume loss in your skin and lips due to age and other factors. All JUVÉDERM® products use hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural substance whose production is reduced in our bodies as we age.

We offer products for all of your facial esthetic concerns, including:

  • JUVÉDERM ® Ultra XC
  • JUVÉDERM ® Ultra Plus XC
  • JUVÉDERM ® Ultra XC”

JUVÉDERM® Treatment at Sambursky Eye and Esthetics

Sambursky Eye and Esthetics is a trusted esthetics provider for the southern tier of New York because our team takes the time to learn about each patient’s unique needs and goals, and fully understand their facial anatomy and current situation. Dr. Geremie Palombaro and our team are skilled at providing great results and a relaxing, comfortable patient experience: with thousands of successful eye procedures, it’s no surprise that our team would give a similar experience for our esthetic patients.
Juvederm Treatment at Sambursky

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Are You a Candidate for JUVÉDERM®?

Almost assuredly! If you’re over the age of 18 and want to improve your esthetics with plumper, smoother, and younger-looking skin. A consultation with our team can help identify which product is best for you and how best we can deliver it.
Juvederm Candidates

JUVÉDERM® Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does JUVÉDERM® last?

Depending on the product selected and the specific area targeted, most results last between six months to one year.

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When will I see results?

Most patients notice results almost immediately, with full correction settled within one to two weeks.

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Is JUVÉDERM® Better Than Similar Products?

While there are a number of products and injectables, the JUVÉDERM® collection of fillers is considered one of the most flexible solutions. Our esthetic professionals can help you determine which treatment or treatments best suit your goals during a consultation.

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Can I get a JUVÉDERM® procedure the day before a big event?

Some JUVÉDERM® treatments do have the potential for down time, including minor swelling and bruising at the injection site that may last up to a week, so plan social events accordingly.

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Do JUVÉDERM® procedures hurt?

Patients will feel a pinch from the injectable but little else. Some spots are more sensitive than others, but patients generally tolerate it without issue.

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How does JUVÉDERM® get rid of my wrinkles?

JUVÉDERM® restores natural hyaluronic acid in the skin that is lost due to aging, adding youthful volume to the treated areas.

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Does it really matter who does my JUVÉDERM® treatment?

Yes! While JUVÉDERM® is a safe and trusted product, you still need an experienced doctor to deliver natural-looking results. Dr. Palombaro and our team have extensive experience with all of our JUVÉDERM® products and take the time to learn about each patient and what their needs are.
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Can I get JUVÉDERM® procedures the same day as other injectables?

Yes, you can receive JUVÉDERM® on the same day as other injectable treatments like BOTOX®, Dysport®, and other JUVÉDERM® products.

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How much does JUVÉDERM® cost?

We offer personalized treatment plans for all of our patients, so your final cost will depend on which products are used, how many treatments are needed, which areas are being targeted, and other factors. Our team can review your personalized pricing estimate with you during a consultation.

JUVÉDERM® Treatments

As we age, our bodies naturally produce less hyaluronic acid (HA), and JUVÉDERM® products help restore HA to plump, smooth, and rejuvenate skin for natural-looking volume. JUVÉDERM® is long-lasting, non-surgical, and comes in specialized formulations to fit your skin’s needs.

The injectable treatments can precisely target specific areas of your face, including your eye area, lips, and cheeks. Our experienced doctors will speak with you about your goals and find the JUVÉDERM® product, or products, that work best for your needs before developing a treatment plan with you.


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