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Sambursky Aesthetics Care

At Sambursky Esthetics, we’ve made it our mission to provide patients with the very best aesthetic services possible, because we believe that everyone deserves to feel exceptional. We think that it’s especially important to love the look of your facial skin. Our aesthetics’ team provides patients with access to the procedures they need to improve how their face looks and feels, strengthening self-confidence and giving our patients the ability to live their best lives.

How Can Aesthetics Improve Your Skin?

When you look in the mirror, we want you to love the image that looks back at you. That’s why we offer multiple treatments to improve the look and feel of the skin on your face. We’re proud to be able to help you love your face by offering aesthetic services to address…

Signs of Aging

As the saying goes, time waits for no one. Many of us would love to slow down time and reverse the effects aging has on our appearance, and now you can with a range of aesthetic services in Binghamton.

Whether you’re worried about fine lines, crow’s feet, laugh lines, or other wrinkles that reflect aging, we’ll provide you with the care you need to turn back the hands of time and achieve a refreshed, youthful appearance.

Skin Imperfections

The skin on our faces can develop a variety of imperfections and blemishes, and while no one has perfect skin, at Sambursky Esthetics, our team of aesthetic specialists can help you come as close as you possibly can. Using targeted procedures and precise treatments, we can address scars, stretch marks, poor skin texture and elasticity, and other facial blemishes.

Sun Damage

The sun can have a major impact on your skin, and over time, it takes extra care to ensure that your skin remains youthful and blemish-free. We can help you maintain your face’s skin health by treating sunspots and age spots caused by overexposure to harmful UV rays.
Aesthetic Treatments

Find the Right Treatment for You

At Sambursky Esthetics, we know that your skin and body needs are unique. Every plan starts with an initial consultation, where we can evaluate your needs and create a custom approach specific to your aesthetic goals.

Improving Your Face with Binghamton Aesthetics

At Sambursky Esthetics, we’re committed to providing you with the aesthetics care you need to improve the look and feel of your face. This starts with two groundbreaking procedures: Secret™ RF and HydraFacial®.

Microneedling in New York

Microneedling with Secret™ RF

Imperfections, irregularities, and blemishes develop on our skin throughout the years, which can make us look more tired, less alert, and overall, older. We help you address these issues with Secret™ RF. Secret™ RF is a form of skin treatment called microneedling which uses radio-frequency to penetrate and stimulate collagen growth in the skin, and we use it to improve the look of scars, fine lines, poor elasticity, stretch marks, poor skin texture, and more.

The procedure uses tiny, gold-plated needles to deliver radio-frequency energy to lower levels of the skin while leaving the top layers untouched. The energy stimulates collagen and elastin, which helps heal skin imperfections and fill wrinkles on the face.

Renewing HydraFacial® Treatments

HydraFacial® is used to restore, refresh, and renew skin, giving it a warm glow while protecting long-term health. These sessions can treat a multitude of imperfections, including wrinkles, rough skin texture, enlarged pores, congested skin, oily skin, brown spots, and more.

During a HydraFacial® appointment, our aesthetics specialists will remove dead skin cells, uncover a healthy layer of skin, get rid of dirt, oil, and debris, and bathe the face in serums that hydrate and refresh your appearance.

HydraFacial® Treatments in New York

Free Consultations in Binghamton

Whether you know which treatments you want to receive, or simply know which results you’d like to see or problem areas you want to address, we’re here to provide you with the services that you need to look your very best. During a free consultation, our Binghamton aesthetics specialists will evaluate your goals so that they can design a treatment plan that will help you achieve the beautiful, long-lasting results you’ve been searching for.

When you’re ready to love what you see in the mirror, schedule a consultation or call us at (607) 669-3588.